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Mini Toads in the Hole

Mini toads-in-the-hole - sausage baked in batterThis is a really easy recipe for a party snack or just something to nibble at home.

All you need is a Yorkshire pudding batter mix (see my recipe), a packet of pork sausages, and a baking tray with tiny cups. (The cups in the tray I used were 5cm/2 inches in diameter at the top.)

I found that half the quantity of batter mix and only three sausages made 12 nice little toads.

Proceed as for making Yorkshire pudding by putting oil in the baking tins and leaving it in a hot oven until the oil starts to smoke.



Mini toads-in-the-hole - sausage baked in batter - in a baking-tinMeanwhile, brown the sausages in a frying pan or grill.

Cut the sausages into small pieces. When the oil is smoking, remove the baking tin from the oven, pour the batter into each of the cups and add a piece of sausage. Cook in a hot oven until ready, about 30 minutes.

These are always popular!

2 Responses to “Mini Toads in the Hole”

  1. Luxury Travel

    What a great idea!

    Our boys are big fans of both Yorkshire pudding and sausage, so I must try this one with them!

  2. Not Delia

    It’s amazing how well these go down with people. I found the idea in a book years ago and have used it many times. They always get scoffed up quickly. I’d not thought of it as an idea for children – not having any children of my own – but that’s a great heads up, thanks. It could also be good for anyone with a small appetite for whatever reason.

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