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Humble Pie for Gordon Ramsay

The Times Online has an article about how Ramsay’s former protégé Marcus Wareing has topped him in the the list of the world’s 100 best restaurants.

Times Online: The world’s Top 100 restaurants

Paul Wootton, editor of Restaurant magazine which publishes the list is quoted as saying, “I think there may be a feeling among part of the restaurant industry and the foodie fraternity that some of the superchefs with large empires of restaurants are spreading themselves too thin.”

In Ramsay’s case he must be spreading himself very thinly indeed. It’s rare for a day to go by without him being in the news. He’s in numerous TV programmes around the world in the UK, USA, and Australia. He also seems to feature in every foodie magazine in the known universe.



Personally I’m rather tired of seeing him everywhere as I feel he has over-exposed himself (fnar, fnar). I feel sure I wouldn’t like him as a person. That said, I find his TV programmes compulsive viewing. I guess he’s just the guy we all love to hate.

2 Responses to “Humble Pie for Gordon Ramsay”

  1. Matt

    I’ll admit to being fairly naive about how chefs tend to rate according theses ratings and michelin stars. I didn’t realise until fairly recently that Ramsey was that highly rated in the bigger scheme of things, I’ve been that blown away by him. It’s good to see St John’s still up there, I’d love to go there some day.

  2. Luxury Travel

    I’m not really surprised to hear that others are toppling him in the restaurant rankings. You can’t do everything and if he focuses on TV, etc. the chances are that something somewhere else is going to give.

    Whilst he might not rank as highly as far as restaurants are concerned, though, I’m sure he more than makes up for it in terms of the hard cash that he’s making. As a businessman, he’s presumably very successful.

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