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Free Food Safety Courses (September 2008)

The University of Salford announced yesterday (1 September) that it is offering 100 free places on an online “farm to fork” food safety specialist training programme.

The EU-funded F4ST programme, which is open to anyone working in the food industry – from small business owners to food safety inspectors – is delivered in a flexible online format. The programme includes nine modules covering subjects including an introduction to food safety, food chemistry, food microbiology, food preservation, primary production and inspection and audit.

Participants on the programme will receive 100 hours of online learning over a period of ten weeks. On completion of the programme participants will receive a recognised Pan European Food Safety Specialist qualification.

The start date for the F4ST course is September 2008, although they don’t mention any specific starting date.



You can get more information and contact details from the university’s website:
University of Salford: Free food safety courses up for grabs

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