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Free Stuff For Foodies – Introduction

Hey, it’s the Internet and everything is free, isn’t it? I decided to see what free stuff I could find for foodies. It’s not been such an easy task as I had first thought. There’s a lot of rubbish such as filling in surveys to be in with a one-in-a-million chance to win £20 from Tesco or Asda or wherever. There are also plenty of competitions too, “Open to residents of mainland Britain”, and again the odds are against your winning.

There are free recipes galore but we all knew that. You only need to visit the websites of the BBC or any supermarket for a wealth of free recipes. There are also plenty of buy “this” and get a voucher for a free “that” offer.

C’mon. There must be some freebie hidden gems which are worth having. I’ll have to dig deep to find the good stuff. Right now I feel swamped with offers of free leaflets. lf you’re interested you can download free egg leaflets from the British Egg Information Service.

On the subject of eggs, I discovered this debate on The Times website.



Apparently Prue Leith has caused a furore by using wild birds’ eggs to make a free meal. The Times has jumped on the bandwagon with a piece on the top ten ways to forage for free food. Hardly a new idea. Some chefs have been doing that kind of thing for years, Hugh Fearlessly-Eats-It-All being a case in point. And there was a telly programme where someone went bin-raking and found some good stuff to eat. (Perhaps more details on that when or if I can afford a researcher.)

Whilst The Times article is mildly amusing, it doesn’t go into much depth. I thought it might be fun to do some further exploration of foraging for free food. (Now who’s jumping on the bandwagon?) So what’s first on the menu of free stuff for foodies? Squirrels!

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  1. Ted

    The telly programme where someone went bin-raking was Gordon “Ramsay is everywhere” Ramsay’s The F Word on Channel 4. Food critic Giles Coren went out with a “freegan” looking for food that shops and cafés had dumped, and assembled a moderately good picnic from what they found – although I think they had something including prawns, which I would think must have been a bit dodgy.

  2. Not Delia

    Thanks, Ted. Maybe I should’ve guessed it was on one of the ubiquitous Mr Ramsay’s TV programmes.

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