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Knife Skills

Five chef knives of various designs displayed on a wooden tableMany cooks and chefs spend as much time preparing food as they do cooking it. And having the right tools for the job is important for both comfort and safety. I’m a bit of a knife freak, as some of you may already have noticed. Have you read my Japanese chef article which I originally wrote for a “Guilty Pleasures” challenge?

Good knives are essential for the keen cook, but good doesn’t always have to be expensive. Sure, it can be a thrill to own a knife made by one of the top names – Henckels, Global et al – but some of my favourite and most-used knives were relatively inexpensive. My most recent knife purchase, another Japanese chef knife, cost only £7! Can you believe it? By the way, the knife in my logo above was based on this one.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be creating a series of articles which will form the basis of a free online course in knife skills – just like the Not Delia hygiene course.

So get your knives sharpened and get ready! Not sure how to sharpen your knives? Read my article on the subject.

If it’s about time you got yourself a decent set of knives, as usual I recommend Nisbets (what a surprise, eh?) They have something to suit just about every wallet. Sure, you can buy knives individually but you can’t go wrong with a set of knives to start with.

Here’s just a small selection of what’s on offer from Nisbets.

Their chef’s knife and utensil set in a travel case is fantastic value at just £22.99 – I bought one of these years ago and am still using it. You can read my review of it here.

If you’re able to stretch to a little more, then the Hygiplas 7-piece nylon handled knife set and wallet at £38.99 might be the set for you.

Or there’s the Chef Works 6-piece knife set and wallet: £49.99

Of course, if money is no object, you might want something more top-of-the-range like a Global 10-piece knife set and case. Yours for only £529.99!

OK, so before you rush off to get the knives out, what will this knife skills course cover?

  • basic knife techniques
  • preparation of vegetables
  • preparation of meat and fish

And if you play nicely I might even do garnishing and fruit and veg. carving too.

Nisbets does next-day delivery so if you buy your knives today you can be ready to start the course with your new knives tomorrow. 🙂 (UK delivery only)


Basic concepts

  1. Using the right knife for the job
  2. A few hone truths – keeping your knives sharp
  3. Cutting is a two-handed job

Types of knife


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