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Food Hygiene

Cover of "Now wash your hands!" by Kay McMahonThe food hygiene course which we orginally published on Not Delia has been updated and rewritten. It’s now published as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

Broadly covering the same ground as the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health’s Food Hygiene Certificate – a required qualification for all commercial food handlers in the UK – this short book covers the essential points of food safety:

  • the science of food poisoning: the main food poisoning bacteria, where they arise, how they thrive, how they poison food, and how to eliminate them
  • hygiene in the kitchen: how to store and handle food safely, both raw and cooked
  • personal hygiene: why hand washing is so important in preventing transmission of disease
  • pest control: how to keep vermin out of your kitchen, and what to do in case they get in anyway
  • kitchen layout and design: sensible workspace planning to avoid food contamination
  • kitchen cleaning: how to stop your work surfaces, equipment and storage areas from becoming a haven for germs

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