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Ready Steady Cook!

If you’re a fan of BBC TV’s Ready Steady Cook! – or of Ainsley or any of the other chefs that regularly appear on it – but for whatever reason can’t watch the programme where you are, then I’ve got some good news for you!

Endemol, the programme makers, have made fifty or so episodes from Season 15 (2006) available on YouTube. Better still, the 10-minute limit for videos doesn’t apply, so you can watch the full 45 minutes without interruption!

You can watch the first of the videos in the series on YouTube (which features Phil Vickery and James Martin) and find links to the next ones in the series, here:
Ready Steady Cook! – Season 15, Episode 66



2 Responses to “Ready Steady Cook!”

  1. Not Delia

    LOL! I love you too!

    Oh yes, I was so excited when I found that I could get all these Ready Steady Cook programmes, I just had to share it.

    Did I ever mention my own TV appearance on that show? OK, so I was only in the audience. But I was in the front row! It was great fun and we got to meet and chat to the chefs after. They were very friendly and seemed to be interested in meeting the guests in the audience. I particularly liked Phil Vickery because he took the time to discuss my interest in cooking with me. Lovely man!

    BTW, the show is for real – they really do cook all these things in such a limited time.

    It was Fern Britton presenting it in those days, and she was very good, but I think Ainsley does a fantastic job. I would love to meet him, or even interview him by email.

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