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Food Full Stop

From Food Full Stop’s About Us page:

“We love going to farmers’ markets, browsing their stalls and bringing home fantastic, fresh ingredients which we know have been grown and reared with care. At, we offer an online answer for those who don’t always have the time to get to their local weekly market.

“We started because we wanted other people to discover these producers and see for themselves the quality of their food and drink. We’ve carefully chosen each supplier on the website not only because we love their food, but because we’ve heard their stories and we support their philosophies. Here you can meet the farmer, find out where your food comes from, discover our producers of rare breed meats, organic vegetables or artisan cheese and buy direct from the source. Find recipes to cook with and fresh, seasonal produce all delivered straight to your door.”

For more information and to buy online, please click on the banner below.

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