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Bruschetta with feta, herbs and mushrooms

Two slices of bruschetta with feta cheese, mushrooms and herb leavesThis tapa dish is very quick and easy to make, but it looks quite impressive and tastes great.


  • slices of bread (bruschetta is just a posh word for toast after all)
  • feta cheese
  • a few baby salad leaves or herbs
  • mushrooms
  • seasoning – vinaigrette or similar


Fry the mushrooms. (I did mine in butter and garlic, but you could use veg oil if you’re counting the calories.)

Toast the bread.

Crumble some feta cheese onto the toast.



Chuck a few herbs or baby salad leaves on top. Rocket would be ideal if you have it.

Pop the mushrooms on top.

Season. Perhaps drizzle a little vinaigrette over the finished bruschetta. I also used a couple of twists from my Italian dried herb grinder.

What could be easier? It looks like the sort of thing most people would be happy to pay good money for in a restaurant. But you can make it at home for next to nothing in about five minutes. Enjoy!

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