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White Chocolate Mousse

This is a delicious light dessert. It doesn’t take long to make but does require a bit of skill, so it’s probably not suitable for beginners. Feel free to write in if you want to clarify anything. I made this again recently just to double-check the recipe, which I learned on a chef’s training course. Enjoy!


  • milk – ¼ pint
  • the zest of one orange
  • white chocolate – 6 oz
  • eggs – 2
  • caster sugar – 1 oz
  • leaf gelatine – ¼ oz (two standard sized sheets)
  • whipping cream – ½ pint


Heat milk to boiling point with the grated zest of the orange.

Add the white chocolate and melt. Stir well, away from heat. If the chocolate doesn’t all melt you’ll need to get a bain marie on the go (in theory – in practice you can do it on the stove top if you’re very careful).

Whisk the eggs and sugar together and add to the hot milk.



Stir over a low heat until the mixture coats the back of a spoon. DO NOT ALLOW TO BOIL unless you want chocolate scrambled eggs. This stage requires great care and attention. Remove from heat when ready.

Add the dissolved gelatine. (Please note that this recipe is made using professional leaf gelatine, which you can dissolve by breaking up the sheets and placing in a bowl with a little water over a pan of gently boiling water. If you are using some other setting agent then just do what it says on the packet – although I have to say I never trust packet instructions; eg what I’ve just suggested you do with leaf gelatine is emphatically not what the packet says.)

Bring down to setting point.

Fold in the whipped cream.

Pour into ramekins or other dishes.

Refrigerate and serve chilled. Decorate with dusted cocoa powder, grated chocolate, or fruit etc.

Voilà! A quick and tasty sweet.

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