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Strawberry Valentine Dessert

A strawberry and cream dessert in shot glasses on a heart-shaped plateThis is so quick and easy you’d hardly believe it. The trick is in making the presentation look nice. You could copy my idea and serve it in shot glasses on a heart-shaped plate for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have those, then use something else for decoration – perhaps a red flower on a round white plate?

You don’t have to make them as small as I did either, especially if it’s intended to be a proper dessert. We don’t eat a lot of desserts and the shot glass each was enough for us.

Are you ready for the recipe? Wash and chop the strawberries into slices. Dollop on some double cream. Mix well, and spoon into the dishes or glass. And that’s it!

You could add a small sprinkling of sugar or a squeeze of lime juice to the mix if you want, before spooning into the dishes, but it’s not necessary. Strawberries and cream are delicious on their own. It’s nice to save back some slices for decorating the top. A mint leaf would have been an attractive garnish for the top as well, but I didn’t have any.



You could use this “recipe” for a dinner party too, especially if the guests are likely to be full after a substantial meal. It’s very, very simple to make but if you take care of the presentation it looks good as well as being delicious.

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