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Quick Foodie Quiz 18 – Answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is (a) makisu?
    1. A type of rice wine, like sake
    2. A small Japanese vegetable knife with a curved blade
    3. A bamboo mat used in food preparation, particularly sushi
    4. A tea said to have health-giving properties
  2. Along with Caroline Conran and Sir Terence Conran, which chef/writer was a co-author of The Conran Cookbook first published in the UK in 1997?
    1. Alastair Little
    2. Simon Hopkinson
    3. Nigel Slater
    4. Shaun Hill
  3. From which of the following countries does the sultana originate?
    1. Turkey
    2. Israel
    3. Afghanistan
    4. Morocco
  4. A “cup” of white sugar is the equivalent of how many ounces?
    1. 8 oz
    2. 7 oz
    3. 6 oz
    4. 5 oz
    5. 4 oz
    6. (Measuring dry goods by volume rather than weight has always struck me as a daft idea – how does the recipe author know how dense the particular brand you’re using is? – but it can be convenient if accuracy isn’t crucial. And if it is, I just get Mr Not Delia to do it. 😆 )

  5. Where was Sweeney Todd’s accomplice Mrs Lovett’s pie shop situated?
    1. Fleet Street
    2. Mitre Court
    3. Star Yard
    4. Bell Yard

How did you get on?

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