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Quick and Easy Banana Bread

A loaf of banana bread on a plateI had some bananas which were somewhat over-ripe, so the obvious thing to do was to make banana bread.

I didn’t really find any recipe I fancied in any of my books but a quick look on the Internet led to one which looked pretty good on the What I Ate Today website; it’s an adaptation of a Nigella Lawson recipe. I quite like Nigella’s food, but given that I only own one of her books, Feast, I could hardly count myself as a big fan.

(Here’s a link to the original Nigella recipe
…and another to the adapted version.)

I pretty much followed Nigella’s version, but took on board the idea of adding roughly chopped macadamia nuts, as was suggested in the adapted recipe.



Two slices of banana bread on a plateThe result was pretty good – nice moist banana bread with good texture and flavour. I’d definitely make this again. You can see the pictures of my first attempt on this page.


2 Responses to “Quick and Easy Banana Bread”

  1. Daniel

    I used half and half red wine and water to soak the raisins and it was delicious.

  2. Daniel

    although it didnt turn out quite like nigellas,

    I used a different shaped tin, and I sprinkled rolled oats and sugar on the top for a yummy topping

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