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Hello, Mr Kettle… Mr Pot on the line for you

The more Royalist-inclined among you will already know that the Prince of Wales turns 60 tomorrow. The BBC News website has a picture gallery to mark the occasion.

So what relevance does that have to Not Delia? Well, Picture 9 in the series shows two pictures of Prince Charles in a food or agricultural environment, accompanied with a caption referring to his organic food range launched in 1992 with produce from farms on his Duchy of Cornwall estate, Duchy Originals.

So far, so humdrum. But what really grabbed our attention was the caption, which included this gem:

But it is not without critics – chef Gordon Ramsay berated its salt and sugar levels



If you’ve ever seen the DVD that accompanies Ramsay’s book Gordon Ramsay Makes It Simple (and that title is a bit of a misnomer itself – it’s an excellent book, but most of the recipes in it aren’t really for the novice cook) you’ll already be falling about laughing. If not, get hold of a copy if you can. There’s prodigious quantities of salt flying around everywhere!

What makes it even funnier for Not Delia and me is that a couple of years back, we saw a skit on the ITV comedy show Monkey Trousers in which John Thomson parodied a TV chef on a morning programme. All was running smoothly at first. But then things started going off the rails when he gave his recipe for pancakes, which consisted of flour, water, butter, eggs – and a pinch of f***in’ salt…

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