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Gordon Ramsay attends Delia Smith cookery school

Whatever next? I thought it was going to be a spoof video at first, but it does actually look real to me. Check it out and see what you think. By the way, I loved the bag of ingredients that comedian John Thomson brought with him. Does it remind you of anything? Such as this?

Anyway, have a look and see how Gordon got on, and please feel free to comment.

3 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay attends Delia Smith cookery school”

  1. Graeme

    That’s hilarious, we never find out what Gordon thinks of the 3 course meal though. I wonder how good the food was? What did you think of the accent a hint of Glaswegian there perhaps?

  2. Not Delia

    It made me laugh too, although I didn’t really rate either the accent or the disguise.

    Did you notice the general sort of age group of the majority of guests? I got the impression that rather a lot of them are quite elderly. Fair enough, I’m not exactly a spring chicken myself..

    You know, I’m still wondering if there’s more to this than meets the eye. Perhaps it’s a publicity stunt to show us what jolly good sports they both are.

  3. Mr Not Delia
    There might be something in this. I don’t think Ramsay’s ever been terribly complimentary about Wozza, but I still remember one episode of Kitchen Nightmares where R phoned up W (from his mobile, off his contact list) to try to flog him a cherished numberplate.

    So is the rivalry and bitchiness all so much froth to keep the mug punters entertained?

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