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Free Cookery e-books from Project Gutenberg

There’s a large list of cookbooks available for free download from Project Gutenberg. The Project, which publishes books without copyright restrictions, contains many old and out of print books. It’s well worth having a rummage around in there. I found a great one recently: A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes.

Topics currently available include:

  • 1 General
  • 2 Candies, Sweets, Desserts, Puddings
  • 3 Preserving
  • 4 Vegetarian
  • 5 Ingredients
    • 5.1 Cheese
    • 5.2 Chicken
    • 5.3 Eggs
    • 5.4 Vegetables
  • 6 Local cuisine
    • 6.1 Belgian
    • 6.2 Italian
    • 6.3 Jewish

Dive in and help yourself!



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