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Four Freebies For Foodies

Still on my quest to find free food on the Internet, which isn’t as easy as I’d first thought, I’ve dredged through a quagmire of broken links and obsolete pages to unearth the items below. Enjoy!

1. Here’s a great one if you plan to be in Manchester between the 18th and 20th of August this year. The Pearl Restaurant Lounge & Bar is offering curry lovers a free set dinner. If you’d like to grab a free table then see their website for contact details.

2. Get paid to shop and eat. That’s right – become a mystery shopper. Watch out because there are some scams in this market. No genuine company will ever ask you for money to join them. Often you have to complete a short writing test, for example to describe a recent dining-out experience. Once you’re on their books, they’ll send you to assignments. The pay isn’t usually very much but you do at least get a free meal, or ice cream, or whatever else you’ve been sent to test. Try searching mystery shopping in your favourite search engine. Here’s an example of the type of work you might find.

3. If you join the HomePride UK sampling team, they’ll send you free products. The idea is that you try them out and give feedback before they launch the products to the general public. It’s mostly cleaning products, but foodies have to clean their ovens too, right?



4. Getting desperate now trying to find free food on the Internet… but there’s lots and lots of free pet food samples on offer. And a lot of foodies have pets, don’t they? You can get a free sample of pet food from Husse. One sample per pet.

2 Responses to “Four Freebies For Foodies”

  1. Mr Not Delia

    Pity that the opportunities for free stuff are so few and far between. I was particularly disappointed to visit the HomePride site and not see a single bowler-hatted flour grader in sight…

  2. Not Delia

    I thought there would be loads of free stuff but it’s not that easy. There’s plenty of money off coupons and competitions where you can win free food and drink. It’s a lot harder to find free samples, and where they do exist they’re normally snapped up very quickly and then out of stock.

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