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Food and Drink Print Magazines

Most of the best food and drink print magazines also have a good online presence. Here’s a list of some of them.

These magazines also offer several freebies for foodies – recipes, newsletters, competitions, and in some cases even a free trial subscription.

Art Culinaire – creative chefs, dynamic photos, recipes and articles to entertain and educate. (USA)

The Art of Eating – a foodie quarterly including recipes, resources, articles. (USA)



Bartender – cocktail recipes, competitions, events, news and lots more for professional and amateur bartenders. (USA)

BBC Good Food – probably Britain’s most popular food magazine. It’s full of recipes, competitions, news, events, and ubiquitous celebrity chefs. I subscribed to this for years but cancelled the subscription when the publication was dumbed down by the then editor Orlando Murrin. Still, it seems to be very successful in its niche for the “can’t cook, won’t cook” type of reader. (UK)

BBC Olive Magazine – a sister site of BBC Good Food, intended to be for modern foodies. (I used to subscribe to this until I got bored with it. Please see my review.) It was difficult to find a direct link to it, without them trying to flog me a subscription, as it seems to be accessible only via BBC Good Food. (UK)

BBC Easy Cook – another relative newcomer to the BBC stable. I’ve never actually seen this magazine in real life but judging by its somewhat downmarket cover it looks like it’s been designed for the dumb and dumber. Again, it’s accessible via BBC Good Food. (UK)

Better Homes and Gardens Magazine – 15,000 easy recipes, meal ideas and party foods. (USA)

Bon Appétit – sister site of Epicurious. Contains lots of recipes and articles for the foodie. (USA)

Chile Pepper – recipes, news, travel, salsas and sauces. lifestyle articles. (USA)

Cooking Light – “Eat smart. Be fit. Live well.” (Their blurb.) [Die anyway. (Not Delia)] A goldmine of information for those interested in healthy eating. (USA)

Cook’s Illustrated – billed as America’s test kitchen. Lots of recipes, how to cook features, equipment reviews and a bookstore. (USA)

Cuisine – food, wine and good living. Judged the best food magazine in the world at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards 2007. (NZ)

Cuisine at home – the cooking class magazine. Lots of recipes, reviews and articles. Also offers free recipes by email and a free trial subscription. (USA)

Delicious – this is a pretty good magazine which I usually buy if I see it. Unfortunately the Australian media has also become obsessed with Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, so I don’t know how long this will continue to be one of my favourite foodie magazines. (Aus)
There’s also a UK version, which I’ve never seen.

donna hay magazine – this magazine is a delight and an absolute bargain when you compare it with the price of buying a cookbook. I buy this every time I see it and will probably get around to subscribing (if Mr Not Delia lets me have some more pocket money). Donna Hay is a superb cook and writes some excellent no-fuss recipes. I rated her Modern Classics Book 1 as my top choice in my top ten cookbooks of 2008.(Aus)

Eating Well – where good taste meets good health. Everything about food and nutrition for the health conscious foodie. Free trial available. (USA)

Food and Wine Magazine – features recipes and chefs, wine and cocktails, restaurants and travel, plus entertaining and home. (USA)

Gastronomica – the journal of food and culture. Attractive arty-looking magazine portraying food in the context of culture and society. (USA)

Good Housekeeping – household name magazine with a good recipes and entertaining section. (USA)

Gourmet Traveller – one of Australia’s premier magazines about food and travel. It includes news, reviews, recipes and events. This is my current favourite foodie magazine and, as a subscriber, I look forward to receiving it every month. (Aus)

Great British Food – a relative newcomer on the scene with an emphasis on regional food and producers and suppliers. (UK)

Imbibe – everything for the lover of wine, spirits, tea, coffee and any other liquid nectar. (USA)

InterMezzo – food, wine, and travel. Recipes and travel features with a foodie theme. (USA)

Saveur – just about everything for the foodie. Free trial subscription available. (USA)

Taste of Home – a magazine packed full of information, recipes, articles and many free offers. (USA)

Waitrose Food Illustrated – monthly magazine packed full of recipes and foodie articles from this leading British supermarket. (UK)

Wine Spectator – news, events, reviews, tastings. Everything for the wine enthusiast. (USA)

Have I missed any good ones? Please use the comments facility to let me know so I can add them. Thanks! (Please note this list only includes print magazines. I’ll be doing e-zines and websites later.)

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