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Flippin’ Fabulous (Pancake Day)

With Pancake Day approaching, I thought it might be fun to see what others have to say about it. I found some amusing and interesting stuff. So let’s get on with these flippin’ fabulous sites about Pancake Day.

Historic UK has an interesting description of the history of Pancake Day, including facts about pancake races and how football came to be banned on public highways. Enjoy!

UK Student Life has a load of information and amusing photos of pancake races in London.

The Independent has published an interesting article, “There’s a lot more to Shrove Tuesday than sugar and lemon”. As well as a basic recipe, there’s also a culinary tour of pancakes around the world, including Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, India and France. If you’re planning on making pancakes this Shrove Tuesday, and you’ve not heard all the facts before, this is well worth a read.



And last but certainly not least, there’s lots of info about the “world famous” (I’ve never heard of it) Olney Pancake race on The Unofficial Olney Page. Great stuff!

PS: Don’t forget my own buckwheat pancake recipe and buckwheat pancakes filled with bacon, mushroom and leek.

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