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What shall we have for lunch today? A Menu Suggestion

We went to one of our favourite Middle Eastern restaurants for lunch today. To be honest, we just ordered our usual fare but out of interest decided to have a closer look at their menu. Here I’ve put together a menu suggestion for a tasty three-course meal. Bon appétit!

Photo of "lamp leags soup" on a menuSoup

Lamp Leags Soup

We’re guessing that this is soup made with lamb leg or mutton but lamp leags soup definitely sounds more interesting. I wonder where they got their translation done from the original Arabic.

A menu photo of a bowl of ful medames labelled "Foul"Mains


Of course we know that they really mean ful medames, a tasty bean dish. It just struck us as being very honest of a restaurant to label one of their menu items as being “foul”. (Their menu used to call the same dish “foal”, which might be OK providing you’re not one of the many people that have a hang-up about eating horse-meat.)

A menu photo of a bowl of custard with an ugly brown sauce decoration, labelled "Custurd"Dessert


This dish seemed aptly named, especially because of the brown stuff on top of the custard.




Given that the place sells absolutely delicious food, to spare their blushes I’ve not named them here. This was just a bit of fun we had with their menu. Have you seen any funnies on a menu recently? Please do write in and tell us!

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