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Five Weird Foods

Are you the type of foodie who is always looking for new things to try?  Here are some suggestions.

1. Sloth meat – this gives a whole new meaning to slow food. Apparently it’s slimy, a bit gamey, chewy, and tastes a little bit like pork. That makes a nice change from everything tasting like chicken.
You can read more about it here.

2. Tuna eyeball –  this guy, Jesse, seems to be game for anything, so although he didn’t really know how to cook the eyeball, he just boiled it. You can see him in action on the Flee Alaska site. He says it didn’t taste too bad. On the other hand you might prefer to have the eyeball in a shot of soju – please see the video below if you have the stomach to watch it.



3.  How about some casu marzu?  It’s a kind of maggoty cheese from Sardinia. You can read more about it on Wikipedia and watch Antonio Carluccio try it below. I think he has the right idea about the wine!

4.  Duck tongue tacos – cooked sous vide, of course – sounds like fusion cooking extreme. See how it’s done here:

[YouTube link removed for copyright reasons]

5. And finally, of course fried tarantulas, a favourite delicacy in Cambodia.  Here’s a recipe for crispy tarantula served with a lime and Kampot black pepper dip.


Have you ever tried any of these or do you have any other weird food suggestions? Please write in!

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