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Tributes to Keith Floyd

Many of you will know that flamboyant TV chef Keith Floyd died after a heart attack at his partner’s Dorset home on 14th September. As fans mourn his passing, needless to say the newspapers are full of obituaries and anecdotes about Keith Floyd. There’s a good round-up of them on

Additionally, I enjoyed reading tributes from top industry professionals, such as Marco Pierre White and Heston Blumenthal, to the late, great man.
The Caterer: Industry figures pay tribute to Keith Floyd

Of course, there are lots of videos of Keith Floyd on YouTube, if you want to spend a little time remembering him. Here’s a typical video of Floyd at his best making a pork in cider and apple calvados recipe.

My own little tribute to Keith Floyd today will be to drag myself away from the computer and spend some time in the kitchen making pork chops with cider. I like cooking with cider. Sometimes I even put it in the food.



RIP Keith Floyd.

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