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Quick Foodie Quiz 8 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is a krapfen?
    1. An alcoholic drink made from fermented fruit
    2. A breed of duck
    3. A kitchen waste-disposal unit
    4. A type of doughnut
  2. Who founded the Michelin three-starred restaurant, the Waterside Inn, Bray?
    1. Heston Blumenthal
    2. The Roux brothers
    3. Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers
    4. Paul Heathcote
  3. AA Gill is a well-known journalist and food critic. What does the AA stand for?
    1. Alistair Anthony
    2. Alexander Armstrong
    3. Adrian Anthony
    4. Anthony Alexander
  4. What is a spoom?
    1. A type of ladle
    2. A type of sorbet
    3. A type of Italian cheese
    4. A device for frothing up coffee
  5. What is a voandzeia?
    1. A type of bean containing edible seeds
    2. A type of fish
    3. A type of dog used to retrieve game birds
    4. A type of sponge cake

How did you get on?

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