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Quick foodie quiz 7 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is an alcazar?
    1. A Russian sauce made with vodka
    2. A type of gateau including pastry and meringue
    3. A condiment similar to mustard
    4. A type of chicken consommé
  2. Which food writer wrote A Century of British Cooking, which was first published in 1999?
    1. Marguerite Patten
    2. Simon Hopkinson
    3. Clarissa Dickson Wright
    4. Elizabeth Craig
  3. Who or what is Bofinger?
    1. A famous Paris restaurant
    2. Waiter slang for “thumb in the soup”
    3. The presenter of TV programme Master Chef in South Africa
    4. A sweet pastry sauce named after the chef who created it
  4. Which chef won the honour of cooking the dessert course at the Queen’s 80th birthday celebrations?
    1. Raymond Blanc
    2. Angela Hartnett
    3. Marcus Wareing
    4. Nigel Haworth
  5. What is courquinoise?
    1. A technique similar to deglazing
    2. A type of fish soup
    3. Wine specially made for cooking
    4. A type of deer especially valued for its tender meat

How did you get on?

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