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Quick Foodie Quiz 4 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is a pashka?
    1. A Russian dessert traditionally served at Easter
    2. A Polish potato-based pattie
    3. A traditional serving dish used at Greek weddings
    4. A kitchen utensil similar to a mortar and pestle
  2. In which year did chef Keith Floyd make his first TV appearance?
    1. 1980
    2. 1982
    3. 1984
    4. 1986
  3. What is amaranth?
    1. A gelatine-like thickening agent used in desserts
    2. A liqueur made from nuts
    3. A green spinach-like vegetable
    4. A velouté based sauce used especially for veal dishes
  4. Famous chef Nick Nairn began his working life as which of the following?
    1. A night club manager
    2. A trainee chartered surveyor
    3. A domestic science teacher
    4. A navigator in the Merchant Navy
  5. What is nashi?
    1. A type of fruit – a sort of cross between an apple and a pear
    2. A Japanese vinegar used in the preparation of sushi
    3. A type of seaweed
    4. None of the above

How did you get on?

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