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Quick Foodie Quiz 3 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is a rhyton?
    1. A specialist filleting knife
    2. Type of fish
    3. An ancient drinking vessel
    4. A device for measuring the diameter of pasta
  2. What is an ulluco?
    1. A South American edible tuber
    2. The basis for making a Villeroi sauce
    3. A sausage made from a cow’s udder
    4. Old fashioned vinaigrette bottle
  3. What is viroflay?
    1. A disease spread by a fly-like insect
    2. A chemical for tenderising meat
    3. A commonly used kitchen disinfectant
    4. A spinach-based dish
  4. Before becoming an award-winning chef, Rick Stein graduated from which university and in what subject?
    1. Bath – food science
    2. Manchester – mechanical engineering
    3. Oxford – English
    4. Bristol – biochemistry
  5. What is soringue?
    1. A typical 15th century dish made from eels
    2. A technique to make a paste out of sauteed onions
    3. A Belgian pastry
    4. Another name for the neckerchief worn by chefs

How did you get on?

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