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Quick Foodie Quiz 27

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but pretty damn difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. What is (a) yuzu?
    1. A citrus fruit popular with Japanese chefs
    2. A breed of cattle known for their top quality steaks
    3. A Japanese drink like sake
    4. A tool used in vegetable carving
  2. Artist’s Conk, Turkey Tail, Shaggy Mane, and Reishi are types of what?
    1. Cabbage
    2. Wine
    3. Mushroom
    4. Chicken
  3. Do yeasts have sex?
    1. Never
    2. Sometimes
    3. It’s the only way they can reproduce
    4. This is a trick question, right?
  4. Out of the following four words, find the one which connects wine and cat litter.
    1. Cloud
    2. Volcano
    3. Storm
    4. Earthquake
  5. What is sinigang?
    1. A medicinal tea
    2. A type of rice
    3. A sour tasting soup
    4. A herb used in oriental cooking

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