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Quick Foodie Quiz 26 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. Who was the voice of Tony the Tiger (Frosties character) for more than five decades?
    1. John E Matthews
    2. Thurl Ravenscroft
    3. Tom Clarke-Hill
    4. Antonio Ponto
    5. Thurl Ravenscroft was a voice actor and singer who also sang bass on Rosemary Clooney’s Transatlantic No.1 hit “This Ole House”.
      John E Matthews came up with Tony’s “They’re grrrrreat!” catchphrase.
      Californian-born Tom Clarke-Hill currently provides the voiceover for Tony in the UK.
      Although Tony took on an Italian-American background in the 1970s in the US, Antonio Ponto has nothing to do with Tony the Tiger – he was the first Italian to set foot in New Zealand, as a member of Captain James Cook’s Endeavour expedition in 1769.

  2. A kakadu is a type of what?
    1. Casserole pot
    2. Knife
    3. Fish
    4. Fruit
    5. Although its principal use is in cosmetics, the kakadu (also known as the billygoat plum) is finding increasing popularity as a “nutraceutical” food – it has a massive Vitamin C content, up to 100 times that of oranges.

  3. According to its official website, in 2010 the Roux family’s restaurant, The Waterside Inn, was awarded three Michelin stars for the ???th year?
    1. 15
    2. 20
    3. 25
    4. 30
    5. The Waterside Inn was founded in the Berkshire village of Bray in 1972, a year after brothers Michel and Albert Roux founded their original Le Gavroche restaurant in London.

  4. Where is the Golden Spurtle (world porridge making championship) held each year?
    1. Carrbridge, Inverness-shire
    2. Aberdeen
    3. Portree, Skye
    4. Edinburgh
    5. Founded in 1994, the Golden Spurtle attracts competitors from all over the world. (Even England, apparently.) The record number of wins is held by Duncan Hilditch, who won it four times (and the speciality porridge award a further three times) before sadly dying in 2005. This year’s event is being held on 10 October (10/10/10), “World Porridge Day”.

  5. In 2006 Heston Blumenthal was awarded an honorary degree by which university?
    1. Essex
    2. Westminster
    3. Reading
    4. Kent
    5. The University of Reading is the closest of the non-poly universities to Blumenthal’s restaurant and Mecca of molecular gastronomy The Fat Duck, in Bray (yes, the village that’s also home to the Waterside Inn).
      And for the bonus point, the university which awarded him an honorary degree in 2007 was Bristol.
      There’s no record of Blumenthal ever entering his snail porridge for the Golden Spurtle, though…

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  1. Not Delia

    Yeah, these quizzes are quite fiendish sometimes.

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