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Pope Meets King

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Saturday 15 May 2010

Pat Chapman is hosting a unique event on Saturday 15 May at Café Spice Namasté, London E1.

Join us to celebrate a brief and rare visit to the UK by Pat’s great friend Dave Dewitt, America’s hottest chilli expert, prolific author of many chilli and hot recipe books, and producer/promoter of the one of the world’s largest and best loved annual chilli shows, the Fiery Foods Show in his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico.



It was during one of these shows some years ago that Pat Chapman, already known in Britain as the King of Curries, dubbed Dewitt the Pope of Peppers, and the name stuck.

Chilli is to America what curry is to Britain, and Dewitt is to Americans, what Chapman is to the British. Both are recognised as the supreme experts in their fields. The similarities are remarkable. Both are passionate about, have helped further interest in, and have written many books on their subjects.

It is high time that Pope and King hold a summit together in Britain. And there is no better venue than Café Spice Namasté. It’s been likened to London’s version of Mark Millers’s iconic Santa Fe Cayoté Café, both for innovative good gourmet food and for décor.

Pat has known owners Cyrus Todiwala and his wife Parveen since 1982, when Cyrus was Exec Chef at Goa’s Taj Fort Aguada complex and Parveen was restaurant manager. They are enthusiastically making their Award-winning restaurant available as the venue for this exciting event. Pat was the first to bring Cyrus’s talents to public notice by giving him Best Chef Awards in 1992, shortly after his arrival into Britain. Today Cyrus is universally recognised as one of the most innovative Indian chefs, an author in his own right who lives and talks food. The event starts at 1000 with a welcoming tea or coffee and biscuits. Pat will introduce Dave and Cyrus. Pat follows a fast-moving slideshow on the introduction of chillies to India and South East Asia, and the wonderful recipes which have emerged. Cyrus will briefly talk about his restaurant and hot recipes. Dave’s presentation will, of course be on chillies (chiles) and Mexican /Tex Mex food. We follow with an informal talk between the King and the Pope, followed by Q & A from the audience, and book signings. All this will culminate with a superb luncheon cooked by Cyrus and his team, involving a unique menu, including some piquant curries and Mex dishes. Cash bar available.

Tickets are limited and are priced at £75 for subscribers (recipients of this newsletter) from The Curry Club only on line or by post from 29 March. Send an email now if you wish to buy tickets, stating how many and we’ll reserve them, first come first served. We’ll send you a reminder on 29 March, at which time you can order and pay on line.

Ticket availability for non subscribers is £85 from 12 April.

Tickets will be sent by Royal Mail.

Admission by prepaid ticket only.

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