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Quick Foodie Quiz 20

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but quite difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. Hoisin sauce is a condiment used in the preparation of Crispy Aromatic Duck, Peking Duck, and several other dishes. In Cantonese, what is the literal meaning of hoisin?
    1. Beautiful
    2. Seafood
    3. Sugar
    4. Sweet
  2. In TV culinary terms, which of the following is the odd one out? A bonus point for knowing why.
    1. Nadia Sawalha
    2. Matt Dawson
    3. Sue Cook
    4. Liz McClarnon
  3. In culinary terms, what is a financier?
    1. A small French pastry/cake
    2. A pork and sage pie
    3. A bag of chocolate coins
    4. A meatloaf made with poultry
  4. What is the main ingredient in a tin of original flavour Bird’s custard powder?
    1. Cornflour
    2. Sugar
    3. Dried egg powder
    4. None of the above
  5. What was the first name of Mr Colman, who created Colman’s mustard in 1804?
    1. George
    2. Jeremiah
    3. Zachary
    4. Joshua

Check the answers here

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