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Quick Foodie Quiz 10 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. Which of the following is NOT a cooking/dipping sauce containing fermented fish?
    1. Teuk Trei
    2. Banh Bao
    3. Worcestershire sauce
    4. Nam Pla
  2. What is a smudge stick?
    1. A dessert made with toffee and biscuit
    2. A bundle of dried herbs
    3. A device used to measure the freshness of eggs
    4. A tool used for spreading pastes and patés
  3. What is (a) hoosh?
    1. A fish similar to a catfish
    2. A yeast based accelerator used in baking
    3. A thick stew made from pemmican
    4. A sauce made using beer that’s gone flat
  4. The Marmite Food Extract Company was formed in Burton upon Trent, England, with Marmite as its main product, and Burton as the site of the first factory. In which year did this occur?
    1. 1879
    2. 1902
    3. 1912
    4. 1937
  5. What is (a) Punt e mes?
    1. An Italian vermouth
    2. A drinking cup of a specific size
    3. A herb preparation used for garnishing
    4. A large spicy sausage

How did you get on?