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Quick and easy banana brunch

Banana crepe with ice creamIt only takes a few minutes to make a few crepes. (See my recipe.) Then you can fill them with pretty much anything you want – sweet or savoury. I like to use these crepes for sweet things. If I’m making savoury pancakes, my preference is to make buckwheat ones.

I put bananas in mine, which I lightly sautéed in butter to get them nice and soft and yummy. Then I drizzled coconut syrup over the banana. (Coconut syrup is quite similar to maple syrup.) And for sheer decadence I added a couple of scoops of ice cream. I guess you could scale this down and use it as a dessert, as I’m not sure how many people would manage the full-size version after eating a meal. But no doubt some people probably could.

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  1. Not Delia

    Thanks Ashley. I found the coconut syrup in Thailand, where it’s produced. I’ve never seen it anywhere else either. Quite honestly, it doesn’t taste or smell very coconutty. You might as well use maple syrup.

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