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Pork collar – the cut

Pieces of pork collar on a red chopping board

Pork collar, also known as neck end, is one of the cheaper cuts of pork. But don’t let that put you off. Because it’s a bit fatty, it lends itself well to slow cooking and is good for casseroles and curries. The fatty bits will render down and add a delicious taste which you won’t get with a leaner cut. Also a leaner cut will be rather dry if you casserole or curry it.

You can use pork collar just like you would use a pork chop too, but I’d rather have a leaner piece of meat for quick cooking. I don’t like fatty meat at all, but sometimes that blubber is essential for certain dishes. You can also mince it, and again the extra fat content will make it a tastier, juicier mince than you’d get from a leaner cut.

Fat? Yuk! But sometimes it really is better. Trust me. (I’m not a doctor.)



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