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Off the hook?

Four varieties of fish and prawns on displayI recently wrote about the problems of overfishing and how it was causing real problems for European fishing fleets – in particular, because the EU Common Fisheries Policy and its quota system was failing to prevent a collapse in fish stocks.

I’m surprised, but relieved, to hear that EU fisheries ministers have now reached a consensus to scrap the annual quotas and to radically decentralise fisheries policy under the new CFP – giving more powers to individual member states and to the industry. According to the UK fisheries minister, Huw Irranca Davies, this should allow for a “longer term view informed by good regional science and management”.

If that gets us away from the current ludicrous situation – where for every kilogram of North Sea cod landed, another kilogram has to be dumped overboard dead or alive – then I’m all for it. Let’s hope it works out.

The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation are pleased, too:
BBC News: ‘Delight’ at EU fish quota moves



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