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Not Delia’s Poll 2 – hot food on cold plates?

Results from Not Delia's Poll 2: Hot food on cold plates?We asked what you thought of eating hot food off cold plates. Nearly 40% said that they’d do it quite happily, what’s the problem? Fair enough, the issue doesn’t bother some people. However, it does mean that 60% of you don’t like it. But nothing changes.

The poll is closed now and we’ll get a new one up today. You’re still welcome to comment if you have anything to say on the subject.

Mr ND and I were on holiday in Bangkok last week, and revisited the dinner buffet in the Dining Room at the Hyatt hotel. I would say that this is one of the best dinner buffets you can get. When it was time for me to sample some of their hot food, I grabbed myself a plate. But it was stone cold. Hmm. I asked the staff at the serving counter whether they had warm plates – apparently they did, so I ditched the cold one in favour of the warm plates they had behind the counter. Warm plates? Well, it wasn’t stone cold but it was barely tepid.

Later, I decided to have an oyster, so I went back to the stack of plates, where I’d got the stone cold one before, thinking that one of these would be ideal. Not so. The plate I took from the top of the pile was hot. It must’ve come straight out of the dishwasher. Do you ever feel that you just can’t win sometimes?



But seriously, 60% of people want to eat hot food off hot plates and cold food off cold plates. Why should this be so difficult for restaurateurs?

(PS – Yes, I know that the numbers don’t add up properly. The poll system rounds the percentages for each answer to the nearest whole number, so the totals don’t always add neatly up to 100%.)

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