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Not Delia’s chocolate trivia quiz

How much do you know about chocolate? Take the trivia quiz and find out! Some of the questions are fiendishly difficult, but we hope you’ll find the answers interesting.

  1. Which of these chocolate bars is the oldest? Can you list them in order of age? (Oldest first)
    1. Crunchie
    2. Mars Bar
    3. Fry’s Chocolate Cream
    4. Cadbury’s Flake
  2. What was the name of the actor who promoted Fry’s Chocolate Cream in 1967?  (He later played James Bond.)
  3. Which London gentleman’s club, established at 4 Chesterfield Street in 1693 by an Italian immigrant, was originally established to sell hot chocolate, a rare and expensive commodity at the time?
  4. What does the Aztec word for chocolate, xocolatl, actually mean?
  5. Which country has the highest consumption of chocolate per person?
    1. USA
    2. UK
    3. Switzerland
    4. Mexico

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