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Not Delia’s Caesar Salad Sandwich

Caesar salad sandwich on fried breadHere’s an idea for a quick and easy snack or lunch. Instead of having a Caesar salad in a bowl, why not have it as a sandwich instead?


(per sandwich)

  • 2 rashers of streaky bacon, cooked till crispy, cooled, and cut into strips
  • 2 slices of white bread, fried
    (I guess you could toast them if you’re on a diet)
  • 2 leaves of Cos lettuce, ripped into pieces
  • Some shaved Parmesan cheese
  • Caesar salad dressing
    (I just used the stuff out of a bottle – McCormick’s is a good brand if you can get it)

(Some people include chopped hard boiled egg and anchovies in their Caesar salads, but I don’t. Neither does Donna Hay. By the way, Donna’s excellent Caesar salad recipe is on page 49 of her Modern Classics Book 1.)


It’s not much more than an assembly job.



Here’s a tip that I learned from watching a Thai lady make a Caesar salad in an upmarket food court in Bangkok – don’t add the dressing to the salad, add the salad to the dressing. It kinda surprised me that she did it that way, but the result was great and I always do it that way too now. Put the dressing in a bowl and add the ripped lettuce leaves; mix well. Next toss in your bacon pieces, and the shavings of Parmesan. That’s the filling ready to go.

Normally Caesar salad includes croutons, which are cubes of fried bread, so I decided to fry my slices of bread in a little bit of oil in the grill pan. Perhaps a bit naughty, but I love fried bread!

And that’s it – a Caesar salad sandwich.

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