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Gourmet Station

Gourmet Dinners Delivered And Exquisite Gourmet Food Gifts

GourmetStation“GourmetStation is all about delicious gourmet food gifts delivered with an upscale worldly spin. Our specialty is dinner gifts delivered nationwide. These gourmet meals delivered center around delicious international menus including Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, Fusion & Americana. Our goal is to bring the richness of these exotic regions to every gourmet dinner delivered. Our most popular offerings are three & four course dinners, gift certificates, and dinner of the month programs.”

Shipping information from Gourmet Station

“We provide delicious gourmet food gifts configured in elegant 3 & 4 course gourmet dinners and à la carte offerings to the entire US, Hawaii, Alaska & Puerto Rico. We use DHL or UPS as our shipper. Our cuisine is delivered in beautiful state-of-the-art gift-packaging designed to keep the contents chilled throughout the delivery cycle. Deliveries to offices or businesses are guaranteed by the end of the business day. Deliveries to residencies may be as late as 7:30 PM. Our cuisine arrives deep chilled and should be refrigerated by 8:00 PM on the date received. The cuisine has a three-day shelf life under refrigeration and may be frozen once without quality loss.”

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