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Gordon Ramsay loses Michelin star

The latest news from the Michelin guide has been announced earlier than expected because of leaks. Gordon Ramsay has lost one of his Michelin stars for his Claridge’s restaurant. This can really come as no surprise to anyone. The guy can never be there – he’s always on the telly.

You can read the full story on the Decanter website.

9 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay loses Michelin star”

  1. Not Delia

    LOL! I don’t like the guy very much but I find his telly programmes essential viewing.

  2. dave dee

    The longer his t/v career goes on the more like tigger he has become, or is it Zebedee?

  3. Mr Not Delia

    Definitely Zebedee – those preparatory limbering-up bounces he used to do just before the BOING!!! are Ramsay to a T. 😆

  4. dave

    Just got to wait for the BOING!!! to happen then, hope it’s soon and i’m watching.

  5. kal

    He is too full of himself, if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it too!

  6. Not Delia

    I also think he’s a bit false – always promoting the family man image. As I said in my review of his book “Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy”, I would have preferred more photos of food and a lot fewer of his kids.

    Of course his wife Tana now has a successful career as an author of family-style cookbooks. Easy for some ain’t it? OK, so that comment was a bit of sour grapes, but what qualification does she have for it other than than being married to a famous chef? Bah!

  7. PJ

    He delierbately fed a vegetarian meat. Doing something so extremely distressing to someone is vile – and the sick old man laughed about it afterwards! What kind of sick mind must a person have to laugh at someone else’s distress?

    He deserves to lose all his stars. No imagination – it’s all meat and something.

    As for family man – what a load of bollocks! He openly admitted he would be spiteful and cruel to HIS OWN CHILD if one of his children said they were vegetarian!

  8. Not Delia

    I have to agree with you on the vegetarian issue. I’m not a veggie now, but I was for a number of years so I understand what’s it’s like.

    It would be extremely distressing for a veggie to be tricked into eating meat. I saw that programme too and felt quite angry about it. It’s not funny.

    Also, he went to India (he has a series of TV programmes about it) and behaved like a complete and utter twit.

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of “An Idiot Abroad”. At least that was funny and the guy was always respectful to the locals. Gordon Ramsay just behaved like a totally ignorant, spoiled brat.

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