I’ve managed to find the notes we took when we visited back in November.

We’ve tried other dishes besides those mentioned above. They are:

Chinese spinach and cheese ravioli – which were large and generously filled, not the little postage stamps with a pathetic tiny blob of filling, and came on a tomato and basil sauce

Crispy rice noodle salad with lime and chili sauce – very nice, although the noodles rapidly lost their crispiness; light yet filling. A bit like a Thai som tam without the fieriness. We commented at the time that it was our least preferred dish of what we’d ordered, but only because we’d enjoyed everything else so much!

Courgette and cheddar fritters – not quite what we expected as they looked rather like falafel but without the pulses. Again, nice enough, but they didn’t wow us as much as some of the others. (We were rather full by the time we’d finished, and the staff were happy to pack them for us. They weren’t bad as a cold snack.)

There’s seating both outside and in – we chose to sit outside, in a courtyard that stretches the length of the front of the building. It’s pleasantly breezy, and not just because of the standard fans.

As on our second visit, we were very impressed by the quality of both the food and the service. It really is hard to believe it’s a training restaurant – it compares favourably with many of the other restaurants we’ve visited in PP!