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Foyles for Books

Like many keen cooks, I buy a lot of cookbooks. If I’m overseas, which is most of the time, I rely on online services to source the ones I particularly want if I can’t find them locally.

Of course, everyone knows about Amazon – and I use them too. I occasionally use the US service because both the books and the postage are cheaper than going via the UK site. (I must admit though that I prefer the UK versions of books by a British author.)

I decided to try out the online service by Foyles. As many of you will know, they have a wonderful shop in Charing Cross Road so I wondered if their online service would come up to scratch. It did!

There was a small mix-up with the order but they resolved the issue in minutes via email. And here’s the kicker – they didn’t just solve the problem, they went one step further so I actually gained from it! Thus I came out of the situation feeling I had benefited from the mild inconvenience. How’s that for great customer service?



The next time I want to buy books online, Foyles will be the first place I look. I liked them so much I bought the company! Well, not really, but I am affiliated with them.

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  1. Not Delia

    Thanks, Matt. It looks like a great site. Free delivery too! And an affiliate programme. Perfect. Except for the small problem that they don’t include Thailand on their list of countries, and that’s where I happen to be right now. I’ve written to ask them if they can add Thailand, but no worries if not. I’ll be in Malaysia next month…

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