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FoodForFriendsYeah! Calendar Competition

My friend Matt from FoodForFriendsYeah! (remember his delicious Japanese noodle soup?) has been in touch again to tell us about their fabulous foodie competition.

FOODFORFRIENDSYEAH! are currently running a great competition where we’re giving readers a chance to get a recipe on our 2011 calendar.

We’ll be setting 12 monthly challenges and asking you to create a delicious recipe containing one or more of the suggested ingredients. Once you’re happy with the recipe you just need to submit it to the site. All recipes are published on the site and, if you’ve got a foodie blog, a link back will be added.

The recipes are then voted on and the winner will feature in the finished calendar. Winners will get a free copy of the calendar and there will also be copies available to buy. Perfect for hanging in the kitchen and a great way to get others trying your recipes.



If you’d like to help vote on January’s entries you can go here: –

To see February’s challenge and to get involved, you can go here: –

Good luck!

I recommend you go and have a look at Matt’s site. As well as being a really nice guy, he’s given me loads of help on the food photography side of things. Yeah, I could take decent photos before but food photography is a whole new ball game – and it ain’t easy. Head on over to FoodForFriendsYeah!, join in their competition and check out some of their fantastic foodie photos while you’re there.

2 Responses to “FoodForFriendsYeah! Calendar Competition”

  1. Naomi Longworth

    Hi there Kay,
    Enjoyed reading your blog over my lunchtime sarnie today and am going to keep on reading! My friend Ryan Visser who I think you’ve been in touch with pointed me to your blog. Love the idea of the calendar recipe competition – will have to get thinking of a nice dessert recipe to submit to your friend’s blog. I’ve just started a cake blog so it’s really interesting to read other foodie blogs. If you’re interested to take a peek at the blog I’ve started this week, it’s at

    Best wishes,

  2. Not Delia

    Hi Naomi

    Nice to “meet” you, and thanks for your kind words about Not Delia. Yes, I did also “meet” Ryan earlier today. It was kind of him to tell you about me.

    Did you know that there’s an association for UK food bloggers? It’s free to join and you can find it here: You might find it helpful to discuss things with other foodie bloggers.

    I’ll definitely go and have a look at your blog next. 🙂

    Kind regards


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