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With the credit crunch squeezing budgets, more and more people are wondering whether they can afford another pint. The good news is that you can!

Targeted at people who have never made their own beer before, DIY Beer sells kits that make brewing beer at home quick and easy. It’s not quite as simple as “just add water”, but almost!

The low price starter kits include everything required to make beer at home simply and quickly, including the malt extract, the hops and the grain. There’s no mess and no smell, due to the closed production methods used.

It really is much easier than you think; what used to be a black art practised by bearded men in woolly jumpers is now open to all, and every time you brew you save money!



There’s a choice of three starter kits: Bavarian Pilsner, Irish Extra Stout and London Bitter. When you’ve polished off the first one, you can start again with a choice of no fewer than 17 different beers from Britain and abroad!

  • Bavarian Pilsner
  • Bavarian Wheat Beer
  • Belgian Trappist Dubbel
  • Belgian Trappist Tripel
  • Belgian Witbier
  • Black Country Mild
  • Christmas Ale
  • Czech Pilsner
  • Düsseldorf Alt
  • Irish Extra Stout
  • London Bitter
  • Munich Dark Lager
    (Münchner Dunkel)
  • North German Pilsner
  • Old London Porter
  • San Francisco Steam Beer
  • Scottish 80/-
  • Yorkshire Bitter

It’s a fun and enjoyable hobby, so why not buy a kit for the beer lover in your life – whether it’s a relative, a friend or yourself?!

(Delivery within the UK only)

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