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A Chocolate Dream by Rosemary Wadey

This book is about “delicious cakes, gâteaux, tortes and desserts for every occasion”. It offers both simple and complex desserts, cooking for kids, and even some advice on making chocolate garnishes. It’s beautifully illustrated with plenty of gorgeous photos.

There are four chapters:

  • Old favourites – including Black Forest gâteau, chocolate eclairs, and American brownies.
  • Chocolate indulgences – such as dark rum truffles, chocolate bread pudding, and devil’s food cake.
  • Children’s chocolate choice – featuring chocolate chip cookies, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate butterfly cakes.
  • Dinner party desserts – with some really good suggestions of how to impress your guests with chocolate flower gâteau, double chocolate terrine, and white chocolate pots. (I made the white chocolate pots last year and they were pretty good.)

The book gives us an introduction into the history of chocolate and how it’s made, as well as some information about its nutritional value. The recipes are easy to follow and they work, but really it’s the photography that sells this book. You only have to look at one of their photos to make yourself want to run into the kitchen and make the thing. It’s a good book to have if you like chocolate and it would make a great gift for the chocoholic in your life. Sadly, it appears to be out of print at the moment, but you can still find plenty of second-hand copies available on Amazon.

A Chocolate Dream

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Rosemary Wadey
Hardback, 96 pages
1997, Parragon
ISBN 0-7525-2228-0




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