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SPAM® Cook of the Year 2009 – Winner Announced

I’ve been following the SPAM® Cook of the Year contest with mild interest. They announced the winner and the winning recipe this month. Drum roll… ta da!

It’s Nicky Baker, from the Midlands and Anglia region, with her recipe for Gruyère, SPAM® and Potato Gratin. Nicky can now look forward to her prize of a seven-night stay at the Waikiki Marriott Hotel in Hawaii, together with return flights and £500 spending money. And being expected to attend the annual SPAM JAM® Festival in April 2010 while she’s there. She’s a braver woman than I.

2 Responses to “SPAM® Cook of the Year 2009 – Winner Announced”

  1. Nikki Pilkington

    “Unfortunately” we don’t get SPAM here in northern France, so I am unable to try out the winning recipe… damned shame….

  2. Not Delia

    Thanks, Nikki. I’m game to try a lot of new things but I will also not be trying this one. 😉

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