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Rogavi – online raffles for charities

Rogavi is a new concept in raising funds for charities by offering you a chance to win some fabulous prizes, including some food and drink prizes. Food bloggers might also be interested in winning a great new camera too. Have a look, there’s a wide variety of prizes on offer.

For the Individual

Rogavi gives you the opportunity to participate in two ways. First, you have the chance to win highly desirable prizes whilst donating to charity. Second, you can donate prizes personally on behalf of your favourite charity.

For the Charity

Rogavi offers a seamless translation of the traditional fundraising raffle onto the Internet. Rogavi will assist the charity in copyrighting and ensure that their prize raffle is well publicised. Raffle participation also offers the charity the opportunity to communicate their own mission to a wider audience, leading to the possibility of direct donations or prize donations from individuals for further raffles.

For more information and to join in online, please click on the Rogavi picture above.



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