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Quick foodie quiz 6 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. What is a bireweck?
    1. A tiered tray for cooling baked goods
    2. An Alsatian cake like a fruit loaf
    3. A steel utensil for holding asparagus in the cooking pan
    4. A type of fish
  2. In what monthly magazine was Isabella Beeton’s household management advice first published?
    1. The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine
    2. Good Housekeeping
    3. Cosmopolitan
    4. Best Advice For Housewives
  3. What is a sargus?
    1. A type of Polish sausage
    2. A type of fish
    3. An Egyptian bread
    4. A flavouring derived from sugar cane
  4. What is a sterlet?
    1. A type of fish
    2. An egg dish similar in texture to a soufflé
    3. A utensil for folding in stiffened egg whites
    4. The small piece of chicken meat in the hollow of the iliac bones, just above the tail.
  5. Which cookbook writer won the 2004 Glenfiddich Food Book of the Year for the book Toast?
    1. Nigella Lawson
    2. Delia Smith
    3. Darina Allen
    4. Nigel Slater

How did you get on?

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