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Quick Foodie Quiz 25

Test your foodie knowledge with our quick quiz. Only five questions but fiendishly difficult, we think. Have fun!

  1. Papeton is a speciality of Avignon made from eggs and puréed what?
    1. Tomatoes
    2. Aubergines
    3. Broad beans
    4. Cheese
  2. What is bamboche?
    1. A dish of fried cod
    2. A type of stew made with hare
    3. A type of Mexican BBQ
    4. A dish of pork and beans
  3. Which of the following chefs did NOT attend culinary college before becoming a chef?
    1. Lesley Waters
    2. Marcus Wareing
    3. Heston Blumenthal
    4. James Martin
  4. What is a fun guo?
    1. A type of dumpling
    2. An oyster omelette
    3. A fish ball
    4. A dish made with red bean paste
  5. Paleron is a French cut of beef. What is the nearest British cut?
    1. Topside
    2. Brisket
    3. Sirloin
    4. Chuck

Check the answers here

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