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Quick Foodie Quiz 23 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. Ampelography is the study and identification of what?
    1. Olive oils
    2. Grape varieties
    3. Fruit flies
    4. Coffee beans
    5. The word comes from the Greek ampelos (vine) and graphos (writing). In recent years DNA fingerprinting has largely taken over from studying the shape and colour of the leaves and grapes.

  2. John Cadbury, founder of the Cadbury’s we all know and love, started his own business as a grocery shop. Before that he worked as an apprentice to whom?
    1. A coffee importer
    2. A tea dealer
    3. A wine merchant
    4. A cocoa manufacturer
    5. He started his apprenticeship in Leeds in 1818 but returned to Birmingham and opened his shop in Bull Street in 1824.

  3. What is a juniper carpet?
    1. A low spreading shrub
    2. A harvest of juniper berries before being processed for commercial sale
    3. A moth
    4. A sheep
    5. The Juniper Carpet is found widely in Europe and the Near East, but only where juniper trees or shrubs grow – the larvae feed on nothing else.


  4. In which month is Beaujolais nouveau officially released?
    1. October
    2. November
    3. December
    4. January
    5. The annual races to be the first to serve Beaujolais nouveau started in 1951 and spread to neighbouring European countries by the 1980s. But several wine critics say it’s not terribly good wine.

  5. What is kombucha?
    1. A drink of fermented tea
    2. A Japanese preparation of steak
    3. A spice mix
    4. A drink made from milk
    5. The name’s taken from Japanese – but in the original language refers to a tea made from dried kelp (kombu). What English-speakers call “kombucha” has nothing to do with seaweed; it’s made from black tea and originated in Russia and Ukraine in the 19th century.

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3 Responses to “Quick Foodie Quiz 23 – answers”

  1. Mr Not Delia

    I managed three when Not Delia was testing the questions out on me – I knew No.4, and guessed Nos 3 and 5.

    But I didn’t get No.2 – which is a bit shameful with my Brummie connections. Must do better!

  2. Not Delia

    These quizzes are fiendishly difficult! I would only have got one or two right myself. I knew the answer to number 4 but the others would just have been a guess for me.

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