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Quick Foodie Quiz 19 – answers

Here are the answers:

  1. Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management was first published in monthly supplements to her husband’s The Englishwoman’s Domestic Magazine. It was subsequently first published as one volume entitled The Book of Household Management. When?
    1. 1859
    2. 1860
    3. 1861
    4. 1862
  2. Here are four chefs and four football teams. Can you match them?
    1. Marco Pierre White: Chelsea
    2. Ainsley Harriott: Arsenal
    3. Delia Smith: Norwich City
    4. Gary Rhodes: Manchester United
  3. A group of four brothers founded a chain of luxury hotels in Asia, including Raffles (Singapore), Eastern & Oriental (Penang, Malaysia), and Strand Hotel (Rangoon, Burma). What was the family name of the brothers?
    1. Sarkies
    2. Savoy
    3. Chan
    4. Ghapama
  4. Who won the first (2006) series of Celebrity Masterchef?
    1. Jilly Goolden
    2. Matt Dawson
    3. Ian McCaskill
    4. Charlie Dimmock
  5. What is (a) markook?
    1. A highly nutritious Arabic lentil soup
    2. An Arabic flat bread baked on a domed metal griddle
    3. A Middle Eastern/North African pastry similar to a spring roll
    4. A dip, similar to hummus but considered to be a gourmet version

How did you get on?

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